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20 Reasons Why Mom's Need to Go on a Retreat

Quality alone time is almost non-existent when you are a mom. We aren’t programmed to schedule time for ourselves because things come up. That's life. The constant noise and commands can really get exhausting day after day (hour after hour…am I right ladies?). Then over time, we just give up…we lose contact with the outside world, going out of the house seems like a chore, how can I book a vacation for my whole family when I can barely handle them at home?

I don’t feel alive anymore.

WAKE THE F**K UP! Book some alone time for yourself and have someone watch those babies for ya.

Retreats can mean something different for everyone. For me, it’s just alone time, solo trips where I can enjoy myself and most importantly…be me, my true self.

Retreats don’t need to be organized where you are meditating and doing yoga for 7 days…they can be a relaxing vacation or a day at the spa.

IT IS MANDATORY that mom’s get ALONE TIME to rejuvenate and get to find themselves again.

Here are 20 Reasons Why Mom’s Need to go on a Retreat

1. Deep Breaths – yes, we all breathe, but really taking deep breaths is so soothing and taken for granted. Stop and take 5 deep breaths. Amazing, right?

2. Answering to Nobody - Check-in with family, but don’t get caught up in what’s going on at home.

3. No electronic devices – Take a digital detox, Facebook doesn’t need to know you are meditating in flowers. (But maybe post later)

4. Light exercise – gets your heart rate up and quiets the mind.

5. Meditation – take time to shut off your brain. Stop over-thinking about anything and everything.

6. Reflect – What is your soul telling you to do?

7. Journal – write down thoughts feelings and everything in between. Get them down and then burn them.

8. Positive Self Love – You are there because you love yourself enough to do something for you. Take time to love how far you've come...who you are and if you don’t love yourself, why? Game plan and start loving your life!

9. You are important – self care is a necessity. You must take time to work on you.

10. Feel alive – Do something you never thought you could do… go rock climbing, parasailing, take a surfing lesson. Do something out of your comfort zone.

11, Meet New People - Having new conversations and meeting new people are so good for your soul. You could make a connection that is life changing. #soulsisters

12, Massage – I shouldn’t have to tell you the importance of a massage, but relax sweetie.

13. Read – delve into a romantic novel, get some ideas on how to liven up your sex life. Whatever book it may be, just read something you enjoy.

14. New cultures – we learn so much from cultural experiences. When you are in a different country pick up some new costumes and bring them home to the family.

15. Eat well – usually at resorts and retreats they have fresh food and authentic cuisine. Enjoy yummy food and appreciate not cooking for anyone.

16. Sun – Get out in nature and let the sun rejuvenate your body. Feel the sun brighten up that pretty face of yours.

17. Feet in grass/sand – It’s something we don’t do often, take off your shoes and feel the magical Earth.

18. Hike – walk up a hill, mountain or go for a long walk on a beach, seeing someone you’ve never seen before awakens the soul and makes you appreciate traveling.

19. Language – if you go out of the country for a retreat, try to pick up the local language. It’s fun to try and you’ll appreciate the culture more if you pick up a few phrases. The locals love it.

20. Problems – the issues you thought you once had suddenly don’t matter anymore.

You have permission to be selfish. Being your best self is crucial and with our lives being so hectic, we need time to ourselves and to find peace again.

I’d love to hear about the best places to quiet your mind that are both fun and relaxing. Leave a comment on the Allison's Backpack Facebook page and tell the traveling mom community.

Here is a great read from the Daily OM: “Going on Retreat

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