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3 Tips on “Keeping the Faith"

I have been feeling incredible lately and it has nothing really to do with money, my family or anything in particular. I started to think about it and it has everything to do with my faith (and choosing to raise my vibration of course). For me, this was sort of an AHHHH HAAAA moment. Faith... Simple? Maybe.

We all have struggles, hardships, terrible days and some of you have it worse than others. However, I am a firm believer that everything has a purpose. So please, ask yourself this question: What if this was all happening FOR you?

Here are 3 tips on “Keeping the Faith”

1 – Be open minded.

Think beyond you…maybe look at this from a different viewpoint. Put yourself in someone else's shoes and look at your situation. Why would this happen to you? You may not have the answer right now, but you know in your core there is a life lesson to be had by having this struggle, this habit or this person in your life who sucks all the energy out of you. There is a reason for this…have faith that it is meant to happen for something good to happen.

2 – Look back on your past struggles.

As a life coach, we don’t delve into your past, we are all about the future and how to accomplish those dreams and desires that you will accomplish, but often times we are too busy in our lives to even try to reflect on how our past has shaped us. When I really think back to bullies, bad jobs, being broke, it all had a purpose. For me to be exactly where I am right now, I had to experience all those things. Have faith that your angels are purposely giving you a message. They aren’t trying to purposely hurt you. YOU ARE STRONG! You are needed for more.

3 –. Decide to believe.

Everyone and I mean everyone can get out of a bad situation. Have faith that this will eventually work itself out. Be open to opportunities, people, possibilities and help from others. But really…BELIEVE…. BELIEVE IN MIRACLES. There is an end to this terrible situation. Listen to your soul. LISTEN. What is it saying? There is always a solution. One of my favorite Mel Robbins quotes is “if you have a problem that can be solved with action, you don't have a problem.” Have faith that there is a happy ending. We live on a round ball floating in the universe… hummm…. Believe. Have faith!

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