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6 Things, I Do Daily, to Naturally CHILL OUT!

Do you have a relaxation ritual?

Wine doesn’t count.

I asked a couple of my clients this week what they do to relax each day. Neither of them had an exercise or way to calm themselves down.

I’m not shocked. I didn’t learn how to relax as a child and this continued into my early adult years.

My suggestion… TRY ANYTHING! You actually have to try though. That’s the hard part. Find things that naturally will chill you out. You may need to put these to use, repeatedly, for them to work. Don’t give up! Whatever works for you, keep doing that.

🌟Here are 6 things, I do daily, to naturally CHILL OUT!🌟

1. Deep Breaths

So simple, but the most effective thing you can do for your body. I take a second to really feel my body move. Breathing helps me understand where my aches and pains are coming from and brings me back into the present moment.

2. Put the phone away

I notice myself doing all kinds of unproductive things when I’m on my phone. It takes precious time away from my family and business. Put the phone down.

3. Scheduled alone time

I am my bestest friend and I think I’m the coolest person ever. Weird? NOOOOPE. Learn to love hanging out with yourself and taking time to really mature your relationship with your soul. I look forward to spending time away to think and do things I love. This is where I can meditate or journal.

4. Podcasts/Motivational videos

I thoroughly enjoy listening to podcast and motivational videos to expand my knowledge. I LOVE LEARNING! This could even include a guided meditation or people talking about how to calm down. It doesn’t matter, just make sure you are fully engaged in a topic you’ve been wanting to learn more about. I feel way more productive when I am learning new ways to better myself.

5. Smells

If you are like me, you have a scent that when you put it up to your nostrils, you feel much calmer. Try to bring this with you while on the go. I also like to burn palo santo, incense or sage when I’m really trying to chill out.

6. Hugging

I like hugging. It’s nice to feel someone give you a big ole hug. Nuzzle in their neck a little. It’s nice.

🧘‍♀️What are your relaxation rituals?

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