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Location Independent Lifestyle - What Does That Even Mean?

I always get pumped when someone wants to talk BIZ (and travel). Mostly because I love helping moms stay home with their kiddos and be able to be there for all the BEST (and well…worst) moments. This can be from starting a side hustle, going balls to the walls into a new business venture or even the preliminary stages of brainstorming business ideas based on their passions.

I know some of you are adventuring moms and dream of living a lifestyle of travel mixed with business and family. I love traveling and I had craved to live a more location independent lifestyle.

So…What does this even mean?

I get asked this every so often, so I thought I’d clear this up.\

Living location independent is where you can live anywhere across the globe, still work and make an income and be able to travel whenever you want.

One of my many goals is to help other women and mom’s start businesses, so they can live and work anywhere in the world. When we are working moms with a family, it is not ideal to be lugging a family around the globe each week. Most families stay long term places and then decide to pick up when the time is right. This whole lifestyle does have its own set of problems, but you are traveling and if you do the research, it can work in your favor.

Here are a few ways that people (or you) can live location independent:

  1. Still have a home with a mortgage and rent out your place for monthly or yearly increments to locals.

  2. Still have a home and rent it out to other travelers – Airbnb or Vacation Rentals websites, also can use a house swap service. You may have to hire a friend to help clean and take care of your place while you are away. There are many different options nowadays to get your mortgage covered. USE THE INTERNET, do the research, it is not that hard to get your mortgage covered if you put in the work.

  3. Sell everything and leave. I know this one seems hard, but there are family nomads and their whole family lives like this. It can work. I promise you. There is more prepping and may be more $$ involved. Each family is different.

  4. Still have a home and make enough money to live abroad and still have a mortgage. You are a baller!!!

  5. Downsize and use your apartment as a storage unit. You won’t be living there, and you are probably paying half your mortgage, but it’s worth it if you have a good income that can afford this.

  6. Leave your family and never come back. Just kidding, but don’t act like you’ve never thought about it. HA

I do offer Business 101 training (Email Me). We all have it in us to start and create businesses that we love. Yes, it is hard work and yes, it will challenge, but it will be worth it. You deserve this!

Think Bigger - Dream Bigger - Travel Bigger

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