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A Mom Who Likes to Travel Solo

It's true. I prefer to travel solo. It may seem selfish especially after becoming a mother and a wife, but sometimes sharing experiences needs to be something you do for you. There are just some adventures that are meant to be done alone.

Alone time, in moderation, is good for your soul. I like hanging out with myself more than anyone. If this isn’t your jam, I understand. Not everyone has the guts to just book a plane ticket and explore a country they aren’t familiar with. However, the magic happens when you leave that comfort zone. The BEST experiences I’ve ever had were the moments I left my comfort zone. Can you think of some of the best times you’ve ever had? Was it something you did out of spontaneity? Did you let go of the fear of judgement? If so, how did you feel after you did it?

I live for that feeling. It’s unlike everything else I experience on a day to day basis. Being out of my comfort zone makes me feel like my life is being lived with a purpose. My perceptions, beliefs, and judgements on life have come a long way. I used to feel that if my family wouldn’t approve of a lifestyle, then why would I be doing it? Well, after years of letting this stop me, I stopped caring and decided to live my life. I refuse to let their opinions stop me from doing what I LOVE! Sorry, I'm not sorry... But, while taking my solo travels, some of those opinions have been both humbling and mean (usually the people closest to you). With reflection, I know that those “mean” people were just reacting to their past judgements and jealously. I’ve been lucky enough to have been given an amazing husband who has been my cheerleader and a daughter, who enjoys our “girl trips” and adventures. The friends I keep close are ones that support me and inspire me to keep doing what I love.

Traveling solo gives you the chance to learn and absorb the knowledge differently than if you were with others. No distractions. Having the day to figure out what you want to do on your own has many perks. There is no stress or worry about if you are making others happy or if that is something they even want to do.

We all travel differently. There are days I want to walk miles upon miles and explore. I know most of my family wouldn’t want to do that. I like jogging around cities for hours, but my husband and child would be bored waiting for me to arrive back at our Airbnb if I was out too long. It brings me much joy to bring them along on adventures, but there are days where I crave isolation and to be alone in my thoughts.

Do I get scared? Not really. I can’t really remember a time I felt frightened. There are times I may be uncomfortable, but I travel smart and I take precautions. I listen to my inner voice and observe the surroundings way more than I usually would if I was traveling with others. When I have my 4-year-old with me, I don’t have the time to scope out every corner and my mind is clouded. Someone needs my attention therefore, I am more of a target. I’m distracted.

Simple conversations with strangers is much more liberating and less worrisome because I know they are angels sent to give me knowledge. Some of the conversations I’ve had with fellow travelers or locals always have a profound impact on me. Talk to people outside your circle and your mind may be less judgmental and more loving. Kindness and love is a universal language. So even if you don’t speak their language, sometimes offering a piece of gum or a snack while on a train, can lead to other acts of kindness globally.

If you want to travel solo but feel more comfortable traveling with a group of your same nationality, I suggest a retreat or guided tour. I recently became a affiliate. Take a look at my link and see what’s best for you.

Please FB Message me if you have any questions about solo travel. I will be writing more about this topic in the coming months because I believe it is our souls purpose to learn more about other cultures and finding our true self through travel.

Blessings. XO

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