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Why I Can't Wait to Get Back to Croatia

As I was planning our recent Euro Trip, I randomly added in Croatia. I didn’t know much about this country or the city, Dubrovnik, which we visited, but thanks to Instagram and some drunk guy at a wedding, I added this to our itinerary.

Here are a few reasons why I can’t wait to get back to Croatia

It’s SOOOO Cheap

Prices for a gelato were half the price of Italy. Beers in the market were about a dollar. Public transportation was like a $2 ride.

Our US dollar does well there. For every 10 kuna (their currency), it’s like a $1.55.

I went to get breakfast one morning near our Airbnb apartment and my chocolate croissant was only 6 kuna (less than a dollar). If I would have bought that same croissant in Italy and the US, it would have been about $4.50.

***Money side note: I always take out about $250-300 USD out of the ATM if I’m staying for a few days. It helps with ATM foreign transaction fees. Also, some businesses don’t take credit cards.

Picturesque, Beautiful, Spectacular Views

I mean look at these photos. The blue Adriatic Sea and the ports of this city make every corner picture worthy. I felt like I couldn’t stop taking photos. Bring a good camera and go wild.

To see the whole city we decided to take a quick cable car up to the top of Srd Hill.

Dubrovnik, A Freakin City within a City

Old Town is unlike anything I’ve ever seen before. You are seriously in an OLD TOWN. When you see the over powering walls and ancient-ness of this glorious city, you can’t not want to get lost.

*Photo credit:

We kept walking and turning around if we hit a dead end. There are small restaurants, bars, boutiques and jewelry stores. I was curious how the people and business owners actually live in this place. There are no streets, it’s all cobble stone stairs and alleyways.

Here is a random playground.

Game of Thrones Tour

Of course, we took a GOT tour. Our guide was a huge dorky fan which made the tour pretty interesting. You’ll see tons of vendors once you get to Old Town offering this tour. Pick one. I don’t think you can go wrong. They have lived and breathed GOT these past few years. They are the experts.

The tour was about two hours where we saw all the major sites and even had a chance to visit the “fake” Iron Throne at the end.

*The true queen - Mabel....

Banje Beach

Banje beach was only about a 15-minute walk from the historic center. BRING WATER SHOES! The beach area is mostly rocks. Luckily, our daughter (3.5) had her own water shoes, but my husband and I had to struggle getting in and out of the sea.

Most local shops sell water shoes. I’d say it’s well worth it if you are going to be there a few days. Ohhhhh and the water was pretty chilly…don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. On a happier note, it’s a topless beach.

As I was doing more research and looking at all these beautiful photos of Dubrovnik, I was excited to see Old Town, all the places they filmed Game of Thrones, and the beautiful blue sea. I was pleasantly surprised at how much I fell in love with this place. Yes, GOT fans will be thrilled to see King’s Landing and Old Town will really make you feel like you are in an ancient city, but when you add in a beautiful sea, amazing wine and cheap prices this city can’t be passed up. I can't wait to see other areas in this country.

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