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9 Simple Things You Can Do to Save For Your Next Big Trip

Some people ask me how I save money to travel. I have a simple answer, I stopped buying frivolous things and stopped saying yes to everything.

I continued to find myself feeling guilty when I chose to NOT attend the barrage of social gatherings. From birthday parties, brunch with friends, lunch with co-workers or just drinks after work, it became exhausting! Even though I had a decent income, I knew if I made all the out-of-town drives or grabbed a daily morning coffee, I would soon find myself in some serious debt and have no money to travel. There are plenty of ways to save for the next big trip if you just stick with saying no to frivolous spending! SAY IT WITH ME….NO!

Jogged up to the Piazza de Michelangelo

I kept my motivation top of mind!

You have probably heard these before, but they are truly important in the saving process. I am going to give you 9 Simple Things You Can Do to Save For Your Next Big Trip:

1. Tell everyone that you are saving.

“Hey, I’m saving to go to Paris in 6 months, so I can’t go.” If they are your true-friend, they will be like “OMG that’s so awesome, let me buy you lunch.” Okay, it may not go this exact way, but it’s a start. Tell everyone you are saving to go on this epic vacation. Your friends and co-workers should encourage you, not tell you about everything you are missing out on because you want to go to Paris. If you are getting too many temptations then maybe you need to re-think the motivation and timing of the trip.

2. Stop buying the morning coffee.

Dunkin and Starbucks do not need your money. Drink the free coffee at work or make your own coffee at home. I’ve also brought my own K-Cups to work just so I didn’t have to spend the extra money outside of work. I’d rather save that money for when I want that morning coffee and pastry in Italy.

Coffee Shop in Madrid, Spain

3. Decrease going out for the post-work drink.

Want to go out for a drink after work? “No, I can’t.” Kids are a great excuse if you want to save some money. “I have to go pick up my kid”. On average, I would spend about $20 (about 2 drinks with tip in Chicago) every time I went out after work. This adds up over time. I know FOMO is a thing, but realistically you aren’t missing much. Beers in Germany are way better anyway. Keep your motivation on top of your mind every time you say no. It will feel great!

4. Bring your own lunch!

Lunch outings are super costly. I can only speak from experience, but when I used to go out for lunch with my co-workers in Chicago, I’d be spending between $8-$15 per day. Remember that you need to eat lunch Monday through Friday. What if you got to a point where you could save $30-$60 a week just by bringing your lunch? Saying no is okay. If those co-workers cared they’d understand that you had an end goal in mind. Also, Chicago is pretty awesome when it comes to places everyone can go to eat their lunch. Pick a communal area where everyone can meet so it’s not awkward when you have a homemade turkey sandwich and they are eating Jimmy John’s. Not only will your bank account thank you, but your waist line will too.

Bruschetta  and Vino in Florence, Italy

5. Limit the weekend outings.

Family outings and birthday parties can add up. These are a bit tricky because you don’t want to burn bridges with friends or family. However, there are tons of expenses when it comes to weekend outings like gas, parking fees, bringing a dish, a case of beer and possibly a gift. This is one that you need to play by ear. If you really can’t swing the expenses, I would say no. Sometimes, I feel like I see my family every weekend. If I skip a weekend here and there, I can’t see why they’d get upset. If it’s something super important and you need to be there, then yes, go. Don’t ruin a friendship because you wanted to save $50. Listen to yourself and go with your intuition. You’ll know what to do.

6. Stop carrying around cash.

I don’t know if it physiological or something, but if I have cash on me, I want to spend it. Use your debit card only and stop using your credit card on meaningless things. Keep the credit card out of your purse/wallet and don’t use it unless it’s an emergency.

7. Cancel the gym membership.

There are tons of workout videos online that you can do at home or at the park. I’m not much for lifting weights so this one may not apply to you, but I like to run outside and do exercises at the park. It’s all about preference, but this would help so much in saving for a vacation.

Pitti Palace, Florence, Italy

8. Stop buying so many clothes.

I always ask my friends or sister for outfits before purchasing something. If I have a wedding and I don’t want to wear something old, I always ask if they have anything I’m looking for. Doesn’t hurt to ask.

9. Do your own nails.

Come on ladies, I know it sucks, but buckle down and do it yourself. I promise they don’t look as bad as you think they do. Another idea is to have a girl’s night and have your friends do it for you.

Set the intention: I am saving for my next big trip!

Now, get that savings account and start putting money in there. Overall, keep your motivation at the top of your mind and please be conscious and respectful of your money. Abundance can come in all ways once you have gratitude for what you have. Pretend that all money, even the coins, are important. The universe knows and will help you in times of need.

One of my favorite mantras for money is: I release all negative energy over money. Here is a great website for money/abundance mantras: Click here.

Good luck and I wish you the best in saving that money for your next big trip!

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