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"Moms Who Sell"

Sales Workshop



Sunday, December 16th 12pm - 2pm CST

Workshop held on Zoom - Link will be sent via Email.

“Moms Who Sell"


Are you a mom-preneur who needs some serious help selling online?


After having numerous phone calls these past few weeks, I gained incredible amounts of insight into the entrepreneur mom world.


I wasn’t shocked to hear this, but almost everyone said their biggest struggle was >> “gaining ideal clients from their social posts”.


Showing up on social media can be time consuming and draining. Sometimes we feel like we are going nowhere.


It wasn’t that they didn’t like to post or put their face all over the internet, it was simply they weren’t getting new leads or customers.


So fast forward… I heard you all loud and clear, so I am over-delivering on my NEW SALES WORKSHOP because I know you need it. It will give you the framework to BE A SALES MASTER, SHOW UP AS A SPECIALIST, OBTAIN SOULMATE CLIENTS, and LEVEL UP AKA MAKE MONEY in your business.


I am PUMPPPPED to share with you all my knowledge and crazy amounts of business tips to get you moving and taking leaps in your biz!



What you will gain from this workshop…..

• Writing sales copy that CONNECTS with your ideal client

• Proven ways to gain leads online

• How to get in front of a new audience

• How to keep your soulmate clients engaged

• Habits that are proven to make you a successful entrepreneur

• Time management hacks so that you can build a biz while raising a family

• Support through a FB community > Access to other successful mamas and trainings



This course is for:

• Moms who are ready to truly LEVEL UP in their business.

• Moms who are feeling stuck in their business and aren’t sure where to go next.

• Moms who have what it takes to make 6 figures and run a household.

• Moms who know they are destined for more and want to make an impact.


At the end of the 2 hours you will have complete understanding of how to attract your ideal clients, brand new ways to sell online so that you can get in front of a new audience, a slew of tips to help generate warm leads, and success habits that will help you level up in your business and life.


This course will give you the next steps you’ve been looking for to GROW YOUR BUSINESS! You deserve to have the income reflect the work you’ve been putting in. Don’t wait to “figure it out later”.


When: Sunday, December 16th at 12pm – 2pm CST

Cost: ONLY $66!!!!


If you sign up on/before Thursday, Dec 13th, I will give you a FREE ONE HOUR COACHING SESSION WITH ME!!!!


I am not going to sugar coat this and say I have “secrets to success”. I am a mom-preneur who is dedicating her life to helping moms who want to level up, launch businesses and create a life of time and financial freedom for themselves. I want to have a world where moms can have a family and also be millionaires.


We are capable of so much as moms. We are freakin’ superhuman. We created tiny humans. We can literally do anything. Don’t let social media stop you from running a fulfilling, successful business.


In these two hours, I am providing you with all the SALES LOVE I can give you.


Are you in?

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