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for taking the time to download your FREE copy of "The Passion Guide" by Allison Henderson!

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The Passion Guide


I created this guide to help women/moms around the globe explore their passions and figure out a way to start living the lives of their dreams.

So give yourself a high five because you are now taking vital steps to figuring out how to LIVE again.

Some Things You Might Be Saying To Yourself:

  • I want to feel alive.

  • I want to find a career that brings me joy.

  • I want to be fulfilled.

  • I am ready to live and wake up excited to go to work.

  • I want to be home with my kids and be there for all their best moments.

  • I want to travel the world and live life on my terms.

  • I deserve to be happy.

  • I once had dreams and now they had fallen to the wayside.


I Struggled So Hard Finding My Passion

and joys in life. I was unfulfilled in my corporate job and wanted desperately to travel the world and help people. I couldn't help but think... How could I turn my passion into a career? Was this even possible? It seemed simple, but nothing was coming to me. After seeking out a coach, I was able to get a clear vision on what I really wanted out of my life. Life coaching has always been embedded in me. There are aspects of this calling that I’ve had since childhood and I was ignoring it for years.

I let go of what others thought of me and started living life for me, not for others.

I hope this guide is a great start to figuring out what YOU want and what brings YOU joy.

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